The development of solutions for the automotive industry based on machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence is currently focused mainly on the future of drones. However, the practical application and cost-effectiveness of this can already be seen today. Along with the development of the mechanical systems of the car, engineers constantly sought to add something to the electronic stuffing, to make the car safer, more manageable, and smarter. Today, there are all the prerequisites for this: the IT industry is developing at a tremendous pace, automakers are ready to cooperate and conduct promising developments, corporations are investing in the development of vehicles. Meanwhile, the “mind” of cars has evolved progressively over more than half a century.

Intelligent Machines Essay: The Story to Be Continued in Your Essay

Intelligent machines have learned to bluff, beat professionals at chess or Go, translate and recognize the human voice. Every week we learn about new feats of computer programs that can already make medical diagnoses, draw like Rembrandt, sing or generate text. Should a person be afraid of artificial intelligence? The machine performs many different functions; its most common function is movement. Now, in order to go somewhere, no one is going on a long journey, because the speed of the car allows you to cover in an hour the distance that a pedestrian would take all day. There are some recommendations to follow for writing the intelligent machines essay:

  • The student should keep in mind that the body of his essay adequately addresses all elements of the answer.
  • The student must back up all of their arguments in the essay with a proposal of law, where applicable.
  • If a student is focusing on a piece of legislation, he should refer to the relevant piece of legislation.

How to Get Help in Writing the Intelligent Machine Essay?

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