Literature is a source of inspiration, a stimulator of imagination, a tool for the exchange of information, sensory experiences, fantasies. On both sides of it, there are people – on the one hand, those who share. On the other, those who study plunge into real and fictional worlds, turning over the next page.

Achieving a high level of research and writing skills can be achieved with regular practice and honing techniques, which you can learn about from aspiring writers.

Under the thorough eye of the best paper writers online beginners will learn how to correctly build a storyline, avoid ambiguities, and hold attention.

Within the framework of our academic writing course online, three techniques are given: 

  1. The first is a bridge between the beginning of the idea and the ending, 
  2. The second is in the difference between the situation and the action and the need to put the hero in front of a choice, 
  3. The third represents the erection of obstacles connecting the narrative together.

The advantage of the ASB online academy lessons is the allocation of time for practice – in parallel with the participants, you can try to consolidate the knowledge gained immediately, and analysis of the students’ answers will help to assimilate the material better.

How to hook the reader, keep the intrigue, encourage them to continue reading?

Three techniques of writing at masters level will help you solve the problem. Taking the classics as an example, the teacher, in an easily accessible manner, conveys to the audience the principles of building a fascinating story.

The future essay writer will learn how to form intriguing openings, why it is important to use hooks to encourage readers to know what comes next, how reverse composition can save a “sticky” intro, and why flashbacks should not be avoided.