Our Mission

The ASB Online Academy was founded with a mission to provide an effective, accessible, anytime, anywhere online learning environment that encourages collaboration, and a desire to develop 21st century skills that support lifelong learning.

Who can take our courses

The ASB Online Academy is open to everyone, worldwide! Our learners are located around the world. We offer two strands of learning:

  • Professional Learning
  • Student Learning

Our online student courses (across three school divisions) are available for our Institutional Enrollment Program members only. Our professional development courses are available once a semester as per the scheduled dates advertised.

How our online courses work:

  • Class sizes are limited to 15
  • All courses are 100% online
  • Learning solutions can be customized to meet our clients’ needs (IEP members only)
  • Online courses are offered on a flexible, asynchronous basis – there is no set time to be online
  • Self paced courses are offered on a rolling enrollment basis. Start anytime!
  • Student courses are offered on both a rolling enrollment and fixed term basis, depending on the course*
  • Courses vary in length from 1 week to 16 weeks
  • Successful participants receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Optional graduate credits available for some courses
  • High School credit available for many semester long High School courses

*These dates are flexible for Institutional Enrollment Members

About the American School of Bombay

The American School of Bombay is a Pre-K to Grade 12 school located in Mumbai, India. While ASB is a U.S. style school, the Indian setting and its multi-national community, representing over 50 countries, brings together children who have varied experiences to learn in a dynamic and engaging environment. As an International Baccalaureate World School, our PYP, Middle School, Pre-IB, and IB Diploma programs perfectly complement our American curriculum and prepare students for other internationals school as well as college and university. Innovation and a forward-looking perspective have been a part of the school’s DNA since 2003, when it became one of the first PreK-12 laptop/tablet programs among overseas American schools. Today, grounded in its mission to inspire and empower students, ASB aggressively works to make its vision for the future a reality. This vision is to provide the most relevant educational experience in a highly collaborative and individualized context. Change at ASB is powered by its dual-core engine of Teaching & Learning and Research & Development. Our Teaching & Learning core ensures that we deliver the most relevant and research-proven instruction to our students, across all grade levels, every day. Our Research & Development core shifts the horizon of what is possible in schools through trend analysis, prototyping and conducting original research. ASB’s dual-core engine creates a culture of inquiry that fosters curiosity and encourages risk-taking by providing opportunities for students, parents, faculty and staff to challenge themselves in classroom and real-world contexts.

The ASB Online Academy is owned by the American School of Bombay and administered by Consilience.

Course Design and Delivery Standards

The ASB Online Academy uses the iNacol standards to ensure our courses meet the highest standards in online course design and delivery


The structure and course expectations are made clear in the beginning. Using both text and video, learners are shown how to get started, how to access course activities, and the netiquette expectations for online discussions and other communications.


All course assessments are aligned with the activities and resources. They are varied and appropriate to the content being learned and evaluated. Learners have opportunities to self-assess or practice with regular and timely feedback from the instructors.


All course materials are current and appropriately selected to meet the learning needs of adults. They have a relevant level of breadth and depth with appropriate reading level. The courses take advantage of digital media to engage learners.


The courses support meaningful online interactions between the learners and the instructors, and amongst the learners. Interactions between the learners and the course materials are designed to motivate learners and foster personal development.


The courses are delivered using Haiku, a Learning Management System (LMS), that ensures easy navigation and access to the course content and resources. The courses provide instructions on how learners can seek assistance and answer any basic questions about technology use.


The courses are aligned with the Digital Fluency Continuum created by the American School of Bombay. The Continuum highlights the development of digital fluency in adults over four phases.


The course learning objectives are clearly stated and explained, and learners know how these objectives are to be met.


The courses provide instructions on how learners can seek assistance and answer any basic questions about technology use.