Course Summary

This course will introduce you to 3D modeling tools and concepts. Using Blender, a popular open-source 3D modeling package, you will learn the basics of creating shapes, adding textures and lighting, and rendering. By the end of the course, you will have produced a series of increasingly sophisticated projects for your 3D portfolio. This course is suitable for students with no prior experience in 3D design or digital media authoring tools.

Course Dates

Connections Learning courses start every week on a Tuesday. The start and end dates for each semester are listed below:

Fall start date: 8/8/2017
Last day for fall enrollment: 12/5/2017
Fall semester end date: 1/8/2018

Spring semester start date: 1/09/2018
Last date for Spring enrollment: 4/10/2018
Spring semester end date: 6/15/2018

Once enrolled we will be in touch to confirm your preferred start date and advise of the next steps

Each course will run for a duration of 16 weeks.


  • Project 1: Make a Hat
  • Project 2: Build a House
  • Project 3: Create a Creature
  • Project 4: Animate a Character
  • Project 5: Create Terrain
  • Project 6: Build a Car
  • Project 7: Make a Scene
  • Build Your Own Project


  • None