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My objectives were to get the in-depth knowledge about blogger and to use different key features in Blogger. I was also interested in learning the Easy Blogger Junior App and the course met all my objectives
Blogging Student, November 2015

I wanted to use Google Sites in my classrooms. It seemed like a good resource for creating tutorials and online portfolios. I really appreciated the instructor. She was positive, engaging, and quick to respond to inquiries.
Google Sites and Wikis Student, October 2015

I wanted top grasp a better understanding of how Facebook works, and I am pleased with the course content. It met my needs. Initially I felt anxious about not being able to meet up, or cope with meeting dead lines. However, Debbie was very very understanding and helpful. This calmed my nerves and helped me to stay focused.
Facebook Student, October 2015

Thank you very much for all your help. This is the best $500 we ever spent.  You’ve made it possible for us to go from 0 to a full blown online program with almost no effort and skipping all the lessons learned that you’ve already taken care of for us.”.
Keir Paesel, International School of Kenya, May 2015

My objective was to learn how to make better use of my Mac and this course met this objective. Thanks! Debbie was great when I had questions.
Basics of Working with a Mac Student, May 2015

This course is one of the most useful I’ve taken because of the relevance of Games Based Learning and the skills, attitudes and aptitudes it promotes for our students and teachers today. Sol provided useful feedback and insightful ‘next steps’ to challenge and motivate me to look beyond what I already knew and apply the various topics from the course directly to my teaching. The activities lead to authentic use in my classroom providing pedagogical growth for myself and many new ‘best practices’ for my students. Sol leads by example in his methods of interaction online with his professional, positive, and consistent communication style.
Games Based Learning Pedagogy Student, March 2015

I am now using twitter professionally and will continue to explore with it in the coming months
Twitter Student, March 2015

The purpose was to get familiar with the iPad and understand how to locate and download good educational apps which I can use in my class for maths and the units of inquiry. I was able to achieve the above. I enjoyed reading the discussion section for apps and gaming as it was useful to know what apps are popular with the teachers.
iPad Intro Student, March 2015

I took this course to upgrade, organize and to train myself for using technology for simplifying life. I am a High school teacher and we use numerous different web-resources for our teaching. Apart from that social networking, areas of my interest which range from science to art to cooking, all of them were flooding me with a lot information. So to sail through safely and successfully, I took this course on “River of information and surely my objectives were completely met!
ROI Student, March 2015

My objectives to share multiple photos with multiple people at same time . This course really helped me in sharing.
Flickr and Picasa Student, March 2015

My Objective was to learn Prezi so that I could use it as a presentation tool. Through this course, I have become aware of the different features. Now, I am confident enough to create a prezi for my next presentation.
Prezi Student, December 2014

Learning new online publishing tools. Yes, I met my goal. I have three more tools to use with my students.
Online Publishing Student, January 2014

This was an amazing course and very professionally run by Rory. I learnt an amazing amount about gamification and would highly recommend the course to others.
Gamification 101 Student, September 2014

I’ve learnt quite a lot from this Google Apps course and I must say this is what I have been missing as an educator. I’m now a seasoned teacher with powerful technology skills to create, import, share, collaborate and can instantly edit files online which enables me to easily connect with students and professional colleagues. The course has also equipped me with the skill of being able to monitor students participation while working on their assignments regardless of where they are, through the use of ‘Documentary History.’
Google Apps for Teachers – Beginner’s Course Student, May 2014

I highly recommend this course to all teachers, those who are tech savvy and especially to people like me who are not so! This course forced me to look into tools that I would have not bothered to learn on my own. The support and patience of the instructor (thanks Connie) was very encouraging. In fact, I have already started planning my lessons with the new tools in mind. THANK YOU, Connie!
Brain Based Learning Student, February 2014

For the past several years, ASB Online Academy has be an integral part of supporting the ongoing professional development of the teachers and staff at the American School of Dubai. The courses are engaging, well organized, and applicable to our work and teaching. While asynchronous, they are designed to foster a climate of collaboration and support.. As an overseas school, ASB Online Academy fills the desire of offering quality courses that fit the needs of our diverse teachers and staff. The responses from the individuals who have taken courses are consistently glowing.

Without hesitation I would recommend ASB Online Academy for schools and individuals who are looking for online learning opportunities. The ASB Online Academy provides a quality learning experience for teachers and staff to further their professional development and job skills.
Renee Williams, American School of Dubai
IT Integration Coach, February 2014

I really enjoyed this course, and believe it has already helped me to become a better teacher. The pace and amount of work was good. The extra week at the end was really needed and appreciated.”
Thank you for this course!
Formative Assessment with Technology Student, March 2014

Thank you Bernajean for your passion, your patience and your understanding. The learning during this course was incredible for me. I discovered what was real story writing is about and what a digital story is about. The resources and tools that I have learned about in this course will help me to teach better storytelling. The whole course made me see the importance of storytelling, which was timely.
The Art and Soul of Digital Storytelling student, February 2014

I certainly gained a lot from doing this course. The opportunity it gave me to explore my device and the bank of apps I am aware of now I might never have had. I hope I will have the opportunity to practice my learning and the experience I have gained but I am optimistic about it. Creating the infographic and the video tutorial was something unimaginable! I feel quite empowered at the end of this course and now nothing seems impossible.
Mobile Learning for K12 Educators Student, November 2013

Being able to take this course on my own time was important.
ASB Digital Toolkit Student, August 2013

Debbie is a very supportive instructor. Her course materials are organized and she’s extremely accessible. She is also very accommodating.
Google Docs and Forms Student, July 2013

An amazing course! I particularly love the the feedback and interaction with Bernajean.
Craftsmanship of Media Communication Student, July 2013

Sol was a fantastic instructor, always prompt in getting back to his participants about their work. I really expanded my learning here and thought the course went really well. There is a lot here that I will be taking into my future teachings.
Games Based Learning Pedagogy Student, May 2013

I really enjoyed looking at all the student projects – for me the discussions around rigor or not of these were the highlight of the course. This course made me think and it made me discuss my thinking with the others in the cohort.
Creativity, Curriculum and Multimedia Student, May 2013

My focus was to recap develop my self taught skills over the last 3 years. This course helped me to gain confidence firstly in learning something new and registering myself with an online course, also learning about my Mac and anything I had missed.
This course I felt was pitched perfectly and I was able to follow and understand all of the instructions. I did have a hiccup in one attachment but I realised my mistake and would know how to rectify this next time.
Basic of Working with a Mac Student, April 2013

A very well run course. Course objectives and goals were clearly stated and the materials supplied made for easy understanding of concepts required for successful completion of assignments. I really enjoyed this course.
Awesome – would recommend it for others!
Learning with Web 2.0 Tools Student, March 2013

Very informative and interesting course. The videos were helpful, the explanations were clear and effective. I got what I wanted from this course. Thank you.
Note: All ASB Online Academy courses that I have taken so far have been really great and so informative!
Cybersecurity and Online Safety Student, February 2013

Thank you. Very informative. Very enlightening. Very interesting. Well run. The facilitator was very available, resourceful and supportive. I would surely recommend it to anyone who asked. THANKS again!
Constructivist Learning in a Collaborative Environment Student, January 2013

“I enjoyed taking this course. Sharon was very approachable and always ensured that help was provided. She encouraged us to use different tech tools in the course to enhance our learning. I really liked how she integrated the expert interview and made our learning more authentic. I am sure now if you talk about global collaborative projects I know what it is and how it can make meaningful learning experiences for children.”
Global Collaborative Projects Student, December 2012

“Thank you Sol for letting me step out of my bubble of fear about using games in class. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of doing more lessons using games.”
Games Based Learning Pedagogy Student, December 2012

I liked that it was just focused on one topic and we worked with one tool. Thanks for the notification for getting things done, it is a busy time of year.
ROI Student, December 2012

Loved the course and Deb is a great facilitator!
Prezi Presentations Student, December 2012

Deb was just fantastic and even though this course is just a week long I feel that going over it slowly helped me to make use of all the interesting features. The course provided us with all the possible information to work our way through understanding the features the applications offer.
Flickr and Picasa Student, November 2012

“This course is exactly what a teacher like me needs to learn new tech that I can directly apply to the classroom. The assignments were simple and yet they introduced me to a new tool for teaching. I was able to know straight away if this could be applied to my classroom. I used several tips already in the classroom, such as a presentation to highlight sentences on an individual slide, comments to provide feedback on Google Docs and the survey. This class was super and Jason is helpful and always available. I will take another! Thanks”
Google Apps for Teachers – Beginner’s Course Student, September 2012

In a perfect world, this course would have been amazing to take with my Grade 1 team (so that we could create all the documents together). I am fortunate that they already know how to use Google Docs and that I can now feel confident joining the team with exposure to everything.
Thank you for this fantastic learning opportunity and your patience with my lack of expertise with technology.
Google Docs and Forms Student, June 2012

“I enjoyed the readings and I got very excited when I had a game to play or a video to watch. One thing I particularly liked about the course itself was the structure. I knew exactly what to do when and that allowed me to be more on point with the deadlines of each assignment.”
Forensic Science I: Secrets of the Dead Student, Fall 2012

“I thought that the format and content of the course was very good. It was all very organised. I really liked that in some units, they gave timelines, which really made it easier to learn the topics. I really enjoyed the course. I learnt about more things than expected. This couse really captured the essence of anthropology and made me understand how useful and how important it is. This course also gave me information that will really benefit me in all aspects of life.”
Anthropology I: Uncovering Human Mysteries Student, Summer 2012

“I enjoyed the course very much and learnt a lot. If you are a beginner in yoga and start off with the idea that yoga is practising asana’s (a stretching class), then this course will teach you that there is a lot more to it. The asana’s are only one ‘limb’ of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga. You will get a good overview, followed by a guided interaction to apply the learned principles to your own life. The discussion forum and direct contact with Misa, both through Skype and e-mail, are very important in this process. Writing on the forum and writing the two essays helped me to become more aware of my own thoughts and to get new insights.
Misa’s videos of the asana’s are ideal for yoga beginners. They were clear, slow and well-instructed. It’s a great way to get into a daily yoga practice.”
Annet Edbury, Introduction to Yoga Student, April 2012

“I feel that I exceeded my own objectives. My ability and the new added confidence in creating a site is wonderful. Deb is a great instructor that is very in tune to her students’ needs.”
Nancy McClellan – 4th Grade Teacher American Community School, Amman Jordan
Google Sites and Wikis Student, March 2012.

“Each week’s lessons were well designed and well detailed.”
Learning with Web 2.0 Tools (K-12) Student – February 2012.

“The book and the course gave me a lot of practical examples for easy and interesting formative assessments. This is what I really wanted. Thank you! It was also a pleasure to learn from and contribute to this course. I will miss it!”
Formative Assessment with Technology Student – February 2012.

“I learned a lot from this course because the assignments and the resources provided were all extremely relevant and helpful. The discussions and collaborative documents were great for gaining new ideas of things to try in my own classroom and for hearing different perspectives on certain key issues. It was helpful that Jason used various types of formative assessment with technology for the class assignments so that we could see examples of how these resources might be used. The feedback from Jason was extremely thorough and helpful and I also found it helpful to have the other students in the class provide feedback on my lessons and discussion posts. Thanks for a great course!”
Formative Assessment with Technology (HS) Student, October 2011

“The ASB courses provide the ideal solution for busy people like me who need to keep up with new technology but have limited time. The learning tools were reliable and easy to use, tutors extremely helpful and the activities interactive. I was surprised at how much I learnt about Google Docs and how much I enjoyed learning with people from around the world. I have been able to quickly and easily put the learning into practice without the need to spend days out of the office, thank you. I would have no hesitation in recommending ASB online academy courses and I plan to undertake more courses with you in the future.”
Jackie Joy – Cert Ed, Mifl
Area Coordinator and Principal Moderator
ASDAN, UK. Google Docs and Forms Student, May 2011

“Deb, You made this course really fun and I really appreciate that you make even silly queries, important and easy to understand.”
Aparna Suri, ASB Parent, Desktop Management Student, April 2011

“I thought it was a good course and what I liked was that the activities and questions used where linking it back to how it can help improve the students and my learning. I liked the reflective part of how would I use this with students. I also liked that options were shown of other programs and evidence given as to why this one had been chosen.”
Brendon Breen, ASB MS Teacher
Social Bookmarking with Diigo Student, April 2011

“Great course! I really appreciate how supportive Deb is in her interactions with participants. She has been extremely helpful if I had questions or needed clarification. I appreciate her e-mails reminding me what I still had due!”
Tracy Blair, ASB ES Teacher
Google Docs and Forms and Diigo student, 2011

“Debbie did a terrific job of communicating a few days before the class began. I appreciated the early information so I was more prepared when the course actually opened.”
Kate Thome, Teacher, Singapore American School
Google Docs and Forms and Facebook Student, 2011.

“I was very happy that the course was able to stay open little longer; things were very busy at home but this flexibility allowed me to stay on track. Debbie was very supportive, helpful and present, I felt it was an enjoyable, safe learning environment. It is also kind of addictive. Now I m feeling like..what next?”
Misa Derhy, Yoga Teacher – Dublin, Ireland

“I was using Google Docs on my own without any prior knowledge. This course has introduced me to all the other hidden aspects of it and thought me how to use it more efficiently. I learned what I was lacking to better my skills. This is my first online course, I enjoyed it so much and it has changed my view on online courses!”
Google Course, 2017

“I learned so much from this course about content which will be essential to me in my new position. I am grateful for the encouragement and quick response to questions from the instructor.”
Google Course, 2017

“I really appreciated Debbie’s instruction throughout the whole course. While each person taking the course was at different sections at different times, Debbie was always on top of our questions and assignments. She was also very accommodating if a section closed to re-open it for us. Thanks for taking a good chunk of your summer break Debbie to go through this course with us! You made it practical and a lot of fun!”
Google Course, 2017