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Student Learning

Participation in online learning opportunities is on the rise, and it is not difficult to understand why. With no geographic barriers, students have access to a broader spectrum of course material that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Using the Internet to attend class, research information, and communicate with other students, teaches skills that will be critical to workers in the 21st century who will work and interact globally. Beyond equipping students with skills necessary for their success, online learning empowers students to become the primary agents in their learning process infusing them with the confidence to pursue their course of study and interests.

We currently have courses offered for students in grade levels 3-12.

Yes, there is a Student & Parent Handbook and it can be found here

Each course has an assigned teacher that will be with the student throughout the length of the course. Teachers are available by phone, email, and in many cases real-time LiveLesson® sessions.

There is no doubt that online learning offers access to great learning opportunities that you may not otherwise have access to, together with a flexible learning environment. However, there are a number of elements to consider to ensure one can be an effective and successful online learner:

  • Do not underestimate your online course. Online courses require just as much, if not more, hard work and determination
  • Be persistent
    • Be willing and ready to tackle any challenges with the technology or the content
    • Ask questions – know where to go for help and assistance
  • Be an effective communicator
    • Be actively present in the course
    • Post often using the tools provided by the teacher
    • Use the appropriate communication style and language as indicated by the teacher and tools used
    • Be respectful
    • Be a good digital citizen
    • Get to know your teacher and peers
  • Be organised and manage your time effectively
    • Review the course syllabus
    • Make sure you are aware of the schedule and all due dates – organize a study schedule
    • Keep track of your own progress
    • Be proactive in raising questions or concerns. Let your teacher know in advance of you are facing any issues keeping on track
    • Complete any orientation sessions in full
  • Stay motivated
    • Remember why you are learning online and the opportunities and flexibility it presents
    • Remember that being organized, persistent and managing your time effectively will help you remain motivated and focused throughout your program of learning
  • Organise your study area
    • Find a space that suits you. Ensure it has good light, comfortable seating and that you are able to focus as needed.

The content providers have only certified teachers teaching these courses. The teachers are qualified in the subject area(s) that they are teaching and are experienced in teaching in a virtual school environment.

Since these courses are all online, students don’t have any physical reading materials. However, some courses require miscellaneous materials such as a calculator, compass, general art supplies or software. If any external materials are required they will be found within the course description itself along with any pre-requisite skills or knowledge required where relevant.

Yes, most of our courses offered in partnership with our content providers are available for High School credit. A full list can be accessed here.

Interested participants should confirm the credit will be accepted by their school or institution prior to enrolling.

Most of our HS courses require approximately 6-7 hours of work per week but it can depend on the course.

Most of our one semester long courses run for the same 16 week duration during the fall and spring semesters. The specific dates can be found under each course page. Some courses do have slightly different start dates and some do run on a rolling enrollment basis.

Our selection of courses is designed to enrich existing skill sets. A complete list of courses can be found in our website.

You can pay for all of your courses online using an international debit or credit card. All course fees are charged in Indian Rupees (INR). Paypal is also available. We can also send you a bulk enrollment invoice that can be settled via a wire transfer. 

Our fees vary depending on the course. All fees can be found on each course page and range from INR 7500 to INR 40,000 (approx. $125 – $460).

Most courses use a percentage or letter grade scale. These can be converted to meet IB grading or GPA scales as required.

We will assign you a dedicated Course Coordinator who will send weekly progress reports for each student and discuss and escalate any issues relating to progress and performance.

You will receive a welcome email either directly from your course provider (our partner organisation) or via us. This will provide login information for the relevant Learning Management System (LMS) since they may differ depending on the provider. We will coordinate all of this information on your behalf.

Join our Institutional enrollment Program to avail of a number of benefits and discounts. This is worth considering especially if you have more than ten (10) students to enroll.

We will contact you and work directly with you to enroll your students in their course of choice. We will confirm the start and end dates of the courses and the options for receiving credit and transcripts from providers where relevant.

We recommend that you appoint a central point of contact for us, an online learning coordinator or similar, with whom we can work with to ensure a smooth enrollment process.

Students do not need advanced computer skills to complete the courses. We make it easy to become completely familiar with the learning management system by providing orientation assistance.

Here is a complete list of the technical requirements.

Some courses will require accounts with specific web-based tools such as Google Docs, Blendspace and others. Details will be provided by instructors with regard to how to organise these at the start of the course.

Most courses do not offer the option of an extension. In extreme situations students need to contact their teacher if they are unable to complete course requirements and these can be looked at on a case by case basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult and Professional Learning

We are passionate lifelong learners who believe that online learning is a powerful means of self-improvement and continual growth. Our class sizes are small, our course facilitators are experts, and our approach to learning is supportive and personalized.

The ASB Online Academy is open to everyone, worldwide!

Each course description includes an estimated number of study hours for its duration. Courses range from 1-8 weeks in length. A link to these and the course objectives can be found with the course listings.

No. Our courses are designed to fit around your busy life allowing you to be online when it suits you. We have students living all over the globe and our courses run on an asynchronous basis which means you will not necessarily be online at the same time. Some courses may involve collaborative activities and planned synchronous sessions but the course facilitator will allow enough time for everyone to complete the activity, regardless of geographic location. Any synchronous sessions will be recorded and made available for those who may be unable to attend.

All course participants who successfully complete an ASB Online Academy course will receive a Certificate of Completion. We are able to add the number of study hours to your certificate if required. If you are taking the course for graduate credit, it will also include a grade.

Some courses are offered on a scheduled basis and others with rolling enrollment. Some courses are available to IEP member schools only.

Once you have received confirmation of your course payment, you can expect to receive pre-course details directly from your instructor approximately 5 days before your course starts. It will include information about your instructor, your login details, and any other information necessary before the course begins.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive this, please email the ASB Online Academy team at asbonline@asbindia.org

Your facilitator will provide their contact information together with pre-course information, approximately 5 days before the course starts. You will be provided with their email address, skype address and sometimes a telephone number.

In the unlikely event that you cannot reach your instructor, please email the ASB Online Academy team at asbonline@asbindia.org

The ASB Online Academy uses the iNacol standards to ensure our courses meet the highest standards in online course content, design, and delivery.
We ask for all participants to complete a course evaluation at the end of each course and actively use these to review and reflect on our practices to ensure they are both consistent and of the highest quality.

Email your course instructor in the first instance or the ASB Online Academy team at asbonline@asbindia.org Provide us with your details and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

We use a Learning Management System (LMS) called Haiku to deliver all of our online courses. The interactive nature of Haiku means that we are able to embed the latest Web 2.0 tools to ensure our classes are as interactive as possible. We use a range of media throughout our courses including videos, VoiceThreads, Skype, threaded discussion forums, and more.

Yes, there is a Student & Parent Handbook and it can be found here

You can pay for all of your courses online using an international debit or credit card. All course fees are charged in Indian Rupees (INR). We also offer the option of Paypal and wire transfer.

Our fees vary depending on the course. All fees can be found on each course page.

Most of our courses are assessed on a formative, ongoing basis throughout the course using participation in discussion forums, activities, and assignments as an opportunity to provide feedback to each learner as they progress. Our courses will share a rubric, a syllabus and course objectives to help you remain on task.