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The Art of Multimedia Communication and Digital Storytelling
The Art of Multimedia Communication and Digital Storytelling

Instructor - Bernajean Porter

Research shows "You've got seconds to grab someone's attention and only 10 minutes to keep it." Audience boredom, disconnects or mis-understandings usually stems from a failure with content and delivery designs, not the lack of skill with the digital tool itself” (Dr. John Medina, author of Brain Rules)

The following courses are designed to increase the rigor, relevance, impact and “attention” power of student-created media products. These courses are designed to sequence and build skills for educators in designing and creating multimedia and digital storytelling tasks for their students, using tools and processes to ensure media products arrive in the zone of “excellence” as well as the capacity to assess media products.

While the five courses can be clustered to culminate in a Certificate, each course also can be taken as a stand-alone or taken out of sequence so teachers can jump in as interested.

Each of the courses listed below are eight weeks in duration (with the exception of the onsite practicum and course FOUR) with an option to obtain three [3] graduate credits from Colorado State University - Global Campus.

  • Course One - Online
  • Creativity, Curriculum, and Multimedia: Learning, Thinking and Communicating in a Digital Age

  • Course Two - Online
  • The Craftsmanship of Media-Making: Communication Skills Beyond Words

  • Course Three - Online
  • The Art and Soul of Digital Storytelling: Tapping Into Creativity, Narrative Intelligence and the Power of Story for Media-based Communication

  • Course Four - Online
  • Applied StoryTelling Brings Learning and Living ALIVE ~ SenseMaking, Docu-Dramas, Infographics, Learning Evidence, Vision Videos, Persuasion and Memes

  • Course Five - Onsite
  • An Onsite Hands-On Practicum ~ Applying The Power of MultiMedia and Digital StoryTelling Skills Across the Curriculum

Practicum Options
Option ONE: A Hands-on ONSITE In-Residence PD Practicum [1-2 weeks] led by course instructor engages teachers and students in real-time learning together while developing the art and creativity of MultiMedia and Digital StoryTelling through actual projects. Assumes participating educators have had previous course credits with instructor. IF not, an additional site-based workshop will be needed to prepare PRIOR to launching student media projects. Regular onsite “debriefs” and mini-lessons are planned to mentor teachers as they implement their projects.

Option TWO: A Hands-on Conference-Based PD Practicum hosted at ASB Un-Plugged CONFERENCE [2-3 Day] or other conferences led by course instructor to prepare educators with experiences needed PRIOR to leading their own student project through the art and creativity of Media-Making and Digital StoryTelling when they return back home. Assumes participants will complete authentic media-making along with reflections and student examples to submit as their learning evidence for the practicum.

An option for possible Skype events or Webinars with participants prior or post onsite as needed. Additional instructor services available for coaching / supporting remotely beyond the course experience if requested.

Option THREE: A Hands-on Site-based Workshop PD Practicum [2-4 day] hosted onsite by interested schools led by course instructor for educators IF they have not participated in previous ASB Online Academy courses. Instructor will engage educators with experiences needed PRIOR to leading their own student projects through the art and creativity of Media-Making and Digital StoryTelling in their classrooms following the workshop. Instructor may or may not continue to be onsite through the actual implementation with students. However student media-making projects are assumed as part of the practicum and will be supported virtually or onsite depending on best option for educators involved.

Certificate in The Art of Multimedia Communication and Digital Storytelling
(NB: Courses can be taken as stand-alone courses or as part of the Certificate)
Course Dates
Jan 11th - Mar 6th, 2016
Aug 15th - Oct 9th, 2016
March 21st - May 15th, 2016
Oct 10th - Dec 5th, 2016
Jan 11th - March 6th, 2016
Oct 10th - Dec 5th, 2016
March 21st - May 15th, 2016
Sept 5th - Oct 17th, 2016
To be confirmed at the time of registration

All Courses may be subject to a minimum enrollment number in order to run.

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