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Statistics A

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Course Description

In this course, the student will become familiar with the vocabulary, method, and meaning in the statistics, which exist in the world around them. This is an applied course in which students actively construct their own understanding of the methods, interpretation, communication, and application of statistics. Each unit is framed by enduring understandings and essential questions designed to allow students a deep understanding of the concepts at hand rather than memorization and emulation. The TI-83+/84 OR 89 calculator and computers will be used to explore the world of data and the patterns which can be found by analyzing this information as well as statistical relationships. General topics of study include exploring data, planning and design of a study, and anticipating patterns.



  • Univariate Data and Graphical Displays: Part 1
  • Univariate Data and Graphical Displays: Part 2
  • Introduction to Bivariate and Categorical Data
  • Exploring Bivariate and Non-linear Data
  • Conducting Studies – Samples and Surveys
  • Semester Review and Exam
  • Online Text/eBook


Course Dates

Connections Learning courses start every week on a Tuesday. The start and end dates for each semester are listed below:

Fall start date: 8/9/2016
Last day for fall enrollment: 12/6/2016
Fall semester end date: 1/9/2017

Spring semester start date: 1/10/2017
Last date for Spring enrollment: 4/4/2017
Spring semester end date: 6/9/2017

Once enrolled we will be in touch to confirm your preferred start date and advise of the next steps

Each course will run for a duration of 16 weeks*

*(this can be customized for Institutional Enrollment Partners)


  • Student should successfully complete a HS level Algebra prior to enrolling. A TI-83+ or TI-84+ graphing calculator is required for this course.


  • Modeling the World, AP Edition

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Start Date Spring 2017

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