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Sign Language 1B

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Course Description

This course follows Sign Language I A. The goal of Sign Language I B is for the student to become a confident signer by mastering American Sign Language grammar and building vocabulary. Lessons incorporate the various important components of signs including handshape, position, movement, palm orientation, and non-manual markers. The student’s vocabulary is strengthened by studying special categories such as lexicalized signs, classifiers, and topic-related signs. The student will learn to translate from Standard English into American Sign Language gloss. Videos and interactive websites provide abundant practice. A unit on Deaf Culture and Community provides a good perspective and context for practicing American Sign Language.

Topics of Study

Signing and Fingerspelling:
In this unit, you will continue to build on the fundamental concepts of American Sign Language. You will increase your vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills using signing and fingerspelling techniques.Language In Practice:
In this unit, you will engage in American Sign Language conversations that involve giving, receiving, providing, and retaining information. To assist in developing your skills, you will learn about and use classifiers, space, eye gaze, palm orientation, and body shift.Deaf vs. Hearing Culture:
In this unit, you will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practice and perspective of Deaf Culture and its subcultures.Looking Beyond the Sign:
In this unit, you will reinforce and strengthen your knowledge of various American Sign Language features including mouth morphemes, non-manual markers, gestures, and negation. You will learn the difference between an actual sign and a gesture, as well as study the evolution of American Sign Language.More American Sign Language Grammar:
In this unit, you will come to understand different American Sign Language statement and question grammatical structures including yes or no vs. WH- questions, declarative sentences, negative declarative sentences, neutral declarative sentences, conditional sentences, rhetorical questions, topicalized WH- questions, and commands


Course Dates

Connections Learning courses start every week on a Tuesday. The start and end dates for each semester are listed below:

Fall start date: 8/9/2016
Last day for fall enrollment: /6/2016
Fall semester end date: 1/9/2017

Spring semester start date: 1/10/2017
Last date for Spring enrollment: 4/4/2017
Spring semester end date: 6/9/2017

Once enrolled we will be in touch to confirm your preferred start date and advise of the next steps

Each course will run for a duration of 16 weeks*

*(this can be customized for Institutional Enrollment Partners)


  • Sign Language IA is a prerequisite for this course.


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Start Date Spring 2017

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