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Course Description

Entrepreneurship starts to prepare future small business owners to run their own businesses according to the principles of business. It also allows students to experience the entrepreneurial spirit. Students learn how to develop a business idea and write a business plan to promote that idea. Future business people must understand economics, financial statements, marketing and selling techniques, investing, business structures, legal issues, banking, technology and taxation. Entrepreneurship teaches students how to use all of these business principles in order to develop a successful business and kindle an entrepreneurial spirit that will help students follow their dreams and reach their goals.
This is a course where dreams are made into realities.

Course Objectives

The Student Will Be Able To:
  • To study the principles of business in order to incorporate them into the development of a business idea.
  • To develop an organized and effective business plan to present a new business idea.
  • To prepare students to carry out the entrepreneurial process and experience the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow.
  • To see the world as an opportunity to create a product or service that meets a need, solves a problem, or improves a product or service.

Course Dates

VHS courses follow an academic calendar and run for 15 weeks:

Fall 2017
Sept 6th – December 19th, 2017

Spring 2018
January 24th – May 8th, 2018

Additional Requirements

Basic knowledge of: PowerPoint, Excel and Word, OpenOffice.org equivalent programs, or Microsoft Works.

Students will also need to be able to access several games during Weeks 1 and 2 and YouTube during Weeks 12 and 13. Home internet access is helpful.


  • None. Click here for detailed syllabus


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    You saved me a lot of haslse just now.

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Start Date Spring 2017

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