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Introduction to Information Technology

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Course Description

Sophia’s Introduction to Information Technology course uses problem­-based learning that shows you how to apply your knowledge in real­-world situations. Our Many Ways™ learning model features a range of instructional materials to support your individual learning preference. This rich, immersive experience helps you better understand and retain information, for an all­-around smarter way to learn.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will complete a series of assessments comprised of 12 Challenge assessments and 4 Milestone assessments tied to the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify major internal and external computer hardware
  • Differentiate between type of software, including sub-classifications of application software
  • Describe the purpose and function of operating systems
  • Identify essential elements of the Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Demonstrate how to troubleshoot common problems in an operating system
  • Identify characteristics of a database, and differentiate common database types
  • Define the structure and role of data warehousing in business environments
  • Describe common network components, including hardware and software
  • Compare and contrast various network types, including Internet, Intranet, WAN and LAN
  • Apply appropriate HTML tags to represent data (text, hyperlink, image, etc.) in website development
  • Describe copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights and its ramifications on electronic media
  • Apply a professional code of ethics in the field of computing
  • Identify potential dangers of the Internet, particularly for children and minors
  • Identify activities and tools used by IT professionals to maintain and evolve information systems
  • Identify the main phases of a software development cycle and various software development methodologies
  • Define the roles and responsibilities within the computing profession, including computer scientists, software engineers, and IT specialists
  • Describe main technological trends and advances in computer science for the future

Course Dates

All courses are offered on a rolling enrollment basis. You choose your own start date and have 60 days to complete each course. However, because the courses are self-paced, you can complete them in fewer than 60 days.

Self-Paced, 60 day completion, free 30 day extension available.
ACE Credit Recommendation
3 College Credits


  • None. Click here to view the Course Syllabus


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Start Date Spring 2017

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