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Elementary School Enrichment Courses


Student Learning

Participation in online learning opportunities is on the rise, and it is not difficult to understand why. With no geographic barriers, students have access to a broader spectrum of course material that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Using the Internet to attend class, research information, and communicate with other students, teaches skills that will be critical to workers in the 21st century who will work and interact globally. Beyond equipping students with skills necessary for their success, online learning empowers students to become the primary agents in their learning process infusing them with the confidence to pursue their course of study and interests.

All student courses are available to our Institutional Enrollment Program members.  Please email us at asbonline@asbindia.org if you would like to learn more. Courses are priced between $300-$500 depending on the course and are subject to member discounts.

Online Courses
The ASB Online Academy offers a unique range of engaging courses for students. Some courses are offered in conjunction with a carefully selected group of content providers and others are designed and taught by ASB Online Academy instructors. All courses are offered to students worldwide.

Learning takes place completely online for all courses. ASB Online Academy facilitates registration for all courses whether designed and taught by ASB Online Academy instructors or in conjunction with our external partners.

All courses have a dedicated teacher but please note that all students who sign up for an Elementary or Middle School enrichment course will require the active support of a learning coach/parent to provide integral support and guidance for online activities.

As you browse our range of course offerings, please be sure to take note of any important course prerequisites listed prior to registration. 

All successful learners will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

Please note some of our courses have fixed start and end dates and others are offered on a rolling basis. Rolling enrollment means that you can enroll at any time throughout the year but there may be a set duration. See the relevant course page for further details.


Elementary – Chinese I

16 w CL Beginner
Chinese I is an introductory-level course that will introduce the student to Mandarin Chinese. The units are designed to introduce the student to Chinese language and culture through familiar topics such as my family, my week, and food.

Elementary – Chinese II

16 w CL Beginner
In this course, the student will further develop communication skills in Mandarin Chinese at a more advanced level. The student will continue to learn about Chinese culture by exploring historic places in China and other Mandarin-speaking countries, and by learning about holidays and special traditions celebrated there.