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Rory Newcomb
Rory Newcomb, originally from Texas, has been an international science educator for the past 13 years. She is currently teaching IB Biology and Integrated Science at the American School of Bombay. Most recently, Rory led both the Games-Based learning and Gamification task forces focused on exploring these future trends in education as a member of ASB's Research and Development core team.  

Ever passionate about slime and mutations, Rory has found new ways to share her love of science with the digital natives in her classroom by communicating with them in their language using tools such as gaming, mixed-media visualization, and social media. Rory uses a combination of gamification and blended learning facilitated by technology as a vehicle for differentiation in the classroom. She has presented at several international conferences on topics including Gamification, Games-based Learning, and Games and Simulations in Science. You can read more about how she implements technology and gamifies her classes in her blog: http://biororz.sqsp.com/

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