Mobile Learning for K12 Educators

Mobile learning (m-learning) is rapidly becoming a popular approach to teaching and learning because the access to and capabilities of mobile devices have grown exponentially in a very short time. Read more »

global collaborative projects

Meaningful and learning-rich collaborative projects between classrooms have been thriving for more than a decade with the growing availability and reliability of Internet and mobile connectivity. In this course, we will explore the educational advantages of exposing our students to new cultures, perspectives and cross-cultural communication. Read more »

google apps for teachers

Learn the ins and outs of Google Apps and its potential for 21st Century Learning in a program especially designed for teachers. Google Apps is a suite of Online Tools that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, form generator, presentation creator, and more. Read more »

games-based learning pedagogy

In this course, participants will explore the arguments and rationale for game based learning, discover and develop tools and resources for game based learning, develop pedagogical skills through Games-Based Learning design, and prepare a philosophy statement, and presentation to lead others in Games-Based Learning. Read more »

introduction to yoga

Introduction to Yoga is an online Yoga course aimed at individuals who are unable or choose not to attend classes in a studio but that want to make a healthy change to their life. Stress becomes part of our routine and our physiological and emotional health suffers. Yoga provides the opportunity to take the first step towards change. Read more »


Learn how to create interactive and powerful presentations using the free online tool Prezi. Learn how to embed images and videos and make an impact with this interactive and engaging presentation tool. Read more »


Blogs are a powerful way to share both professionally and personally. Many blogs focus on a particular theme or topic, they are easy and free to create and can be used for a variety of purposes. In this course, we will explore two different blog providers, learn how to create your very own blog, add content and media and learn the tools you can use to share it with the world. Read more »
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